“The Sky Hunter and the Princess” (F/F fairy tale retelling, 12,000 words): Released by Less Than Three Press as part of the Fairytales Slashed, Volume 8 anthology, 2017. A retelling of “The Hunter” (one of the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm).

In a world where humanity has fled to floating islands in the sky after catastrophe devastated the land, Neneya lives by her wits and her harpoon, hunting creatures of the air from atop her flying mount. When bandits take her hostage and force her to help them kidnap a princess, she turns the tables — and ends up in a royal mess.

Princess Tekele has dreamed her whole life of flying — of freedom from the stifling confines of the court and the expectations of endless tiresome suitors. But refusing an arrogant prince who’s apparently rescued her from bandits is beyond the bounds of the eccentricity permitted to a princess…


Dreamsnare (F/F fantasy/romance, novelette, 15,000 words): Released as an ebook June 22, 2016 by Less Than Three Press. Currently out of print.

“Strong emotions are the key element of the story— guilt, self loathing, depression and failure all weigh heavily on the hearts of our characters. But it is also a story about healing, about opening old wounds that never quite healed properly. It is about taking a glance back in order to set out forward again. Definitely a good short read from a promising new author.” – Critical Writ.

Once Kereda was a successful shoemaker, but she lost everything: her career, her marriage, her home. When her new roommate tells her a curse might have been haunting her all these years, she seeks out Serin the dreamworker to have it undone.

But the curse isn’t what Kereda expects—and she and Serin end up trapped in a twisted dreamworld, forced to confront their painful pasts together if they hope to uncover the plot against them.


Beneath the Hollow Hills (F/F fantasy/romance, novelette, 17,000 words): Released as part of Less Than Three Press’s Lovely, Dark, and Deep anthology, in e-book and print; released August 5, 2015. Currently out of print.

Irmgard, a strong peasant woman who turns to poaching deer to feed her sister’s family, was always told not to go into the woods or the elves would steal her away. When elven hunter Rissali catches her trespassing on elven territory after fleeing the baron’s justice, she fears the worst, even though she’s been struggling to survive in the forest alone. Despite their magic and their very different way of life, the elves prove much more “human” than Irmgard thought…but that doesn’t mean they trust her, even if sweet, inquisitive Rissali is becoming more and more fascinated by this outsider in their midst.


Treason (F/F fantasy/romance, novella, 21,000 words): Released as a stand-alone e-book and in print with the rest of the Damsels in Distress, Volume 2 collection; released March 25, 2015. Currently out of print.

AllRomance bestseller. “The world is fabulous” – All About Romance

In the port city of Auragos, seven merchant Houses vie for control of the trade that has made the city wealthy. Raised as a spy for House Corellis, Elunet has played so many roles that she’s sometimes unsure of who she really is. When a mission to uncover possible treason against the city by Corellis’s rival House Mellas unearths a secret that could change the world forever, and Elunet finds herself growing close to the Mellas heir Lady Tavia, both women find that they are each other’s best hope for protection.


“Of Clockwork Marvels” (M/M fantasy/SF/romance, short, 5,000 words): Released as part of Random Acts of Kindness anthology in e-book and print; released February 16, 2015. Currently out of print.

“The world building in this short story is simply astounding. … A fantastic little story.” – Joyfully Jay

When Lorred finds a beautiful and intricate pocket watch inscribed with the name of a well-known clockwork engineer, he’s surprised to catch the interest of a gorgeous man who shares his love of machinery and tinkering. But all Lorred’s past relationships have failed because his lovers have been unable to accept his introversion and need for some independence, so he’s reluctant lest he break another heart…