The Sky Hunter and the Princess

“The Sky Hunter and the Princess” (F/F fairy tale retelling, 12,000 words): Forthcoming from Less Than Three Press as part of the Fairytales Slashed, Volume 8 anthology (release date June 20, 2017, available for preorder here). A retelling of “The Hunter” (one of the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm).

In a world where humanity has fled to floating islands in the sky after catastrophe devastated the land, Neneya lives by her wits and her harpoon, hunting creatures of the air from atop her flying mount. When bandits take her hostage and force her to help them kidnap a princess, she turns the tables – and ends up in a royal mess.

Princess Tekelei has dreamed her whole life of flying – of freedom from the stifling confines of the court and the expectations of endless tiresome suitors. But refusing an arrogant prince who’s apparently rescued her from bandits is beyond the bounds of the eccentricity permitted to a princess…