Treason (F/F fantasy/romance, novella, 21,000 words): Released by Less than Three Press as a stand-alone ebook and in print with the rest of the Damsels in Distress, Volume 2 collection; released March 25, 2015. Currently out of print.

AllRomance bestseller. “The world is fabulous” – All About Romance

In the port city of Auragos, seven merchant Houses vie for control of the trade that has made the city wealthy. Raised as a spy for House Corellis, Elunet has played so many roles that she’s sometimes unsure of who she really is. When a mission to uncover possible treason against the city by Corellis’s rival House Mellas unearths a secret that could change the world forever, and Elunet finds herself growing close to the Mellas heir Lady Tavia, both women find that they are each other’s best hope for protection.