Writer of LGBTQ fantasy and science fiction romance. Introverted, bisexual, and way too fond of parentheses.

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Recipe: ImPeachMint

Inspired by the following: The Impeachment. Peach, mint, vodka, and ginger. pic.twitter.com/ATZh2gbbjT — Heather Havrilesky (@hhavrilesky) May 18, 2017 I made a cocktail. The out-of-season peaches at the supermarket were sad, so I just used peach schnapps instead. 1 shot vodka (ideally, Russian vodka) 1 shot peach schnapps 6 medium-large mint leaves 1 finger joint’s…

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Election reaction, delayed.

This is really, really not the followup post I wanted to write. I’ve spent November reeling from the election. I’ve written multiple drafts of what to say here but never gotten around to posting it, railed and raged on Twitter, and marched in protests. I was going to say that I’m horrified this country chose…

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I Cannot Be Silent: Why Writers Must Oppose Trump

(This is my first ever blog post outside my neglected Tumblr. The terrifying state of the world has kicked me into getting off my butt and blogging, though my future blog plans are more writing-related. I’m cross-posting this to Medium, where I’m @AltheaCDuffy. Also, TW for sexual assault/rape and all the other unpleasant stuff we’d…

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